Welcome to the world of MallowSnaps!

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Meet our MallowSnaps

MallowSnaps love variety.

Choose between a mallow or chocolate mousse filling to make a perfect “Thank you”, table drop or any other gift that springs to mind. Why not bag us all and enjoy a dreamy medley of flavours.






We love the attention!

Thinking of a centre piece or self-serve feature? Let your guests pick us off one by one.



Our range of delicious MallowSnaps

Mallougat a soft mallow nougat filled with cranberries and almonds

Our most popular flavours Salted Caramel, Turkish Delight, Vanilla, Amarula and Chocolate mousse.

Rocky Road aka the King. Embark on a road trip of mallow, chocolate, biscuit and nut bliss

Rich milk chocolate mousse

All good things start with “C” Chocolate, coffee and more chocolate

Before your first bite we stand 2,5 cm high and we measure 5 cm across

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We invite you to indulge your senses and take a bite into pure mallow bliss.


Contact us at info@mallowsnaps.co.za for all your wedding, birthday, dinner … parties or any other celebration or occasion!